U-Map Goes Live

The new U-Map website has gone live! At a single view it shows the profiles of higher education institutions from across the world.

The U-Map profiles of higher education institutions (HEIs) illustrate what institutions actually do in terms of serving different student populations, the educational programmes they offer and their involvement in research, knowledge transfer, regional engagement and internationalisation. Users can make their own comparisons across these dimensions.

U-Map is the first transparency tool developed at the Center for Higher Education Policy Studies (CHEPS) in the Netherlands. It aims to map the diversity of HEIs worldwide.

U-Map is the companion to U-Multirank, which compares institutions with similar institutional profiles and allows users to develop personalised rankings by selecting indicators in terms of their own preferences. The first ranking will be published in early 2014.

The number of active profiles of publications for U-Map is 52 at the moment and is expected to rise in the coming weeks and months as more HEIs agree to their profiles being published.

Higher education institutions are invited to join U-Map. There are two ways of joining U-Map via their website: become a U-Map participant (include its profiles on the U-Map web tool); and become a U-Map member (profiles, plus full access to the U-Map membership functions).

For more information on U-Map and how to join, visit their website.

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